Hot breast milk fuck


Hence they have to get breast milk from somebody outside. Who has breast milk? The servant woman told that her daughter has delivered a boy and she has breast milk. But somebody has to go to their house in the outskirts of the city. Geetha asked her brother Babu to go to the house of the servant and get some breast milk. Babu said he wont because he has lot of other work.

But Geetha pleaded with him and told him to go just once. Babu agreed and took and bike and asked for directions and went. Babu was 18 year old but has growth of an adult, with mustache and all. He just completed his predegree couses and waiting for getting into the college. He searched and searched and found out the house of the lady.

He knocked at the door and a girl opened the door. He said he has come from so and so house and he wants some breast milk for pouring into the eyes of the child. The girl, Santhi, who gave birth to a boy recently, was the daughter of the maid servant who worked in the house of Babu. Santhi called Babu to come inside and sit in the chair.

She went and searched for a glass and finally she got one. But she squeezed her breast and she could not get any milk. She remembered that her son and her husband used to suck and get milk. She asked Babu can you suck and take milk out. Babu also had no experience and he agreed. She showed him her left breast nipple which was protruding.

Babu was taller and he had to bend low to reach the breast. He sat in the chair and took the nipple in his mouth. But she was moving and hence he placed his hand on her back and pulled her forward and sucked. Within no time his powerful suck brought a lot of milk. He poured the milk into the glass.

His sucking of her breast made Santhi very hot and she wanted more of it, She asked him to suck the right breast also. Babu now knew the trick. He placed the glass on the table and held Santhi with both hands and sucked her very powerfully. Soon his mouth was full. He too had an erection. Santhi was moaning with pleasue. She was not taking the nipple out of the mouth of Babu.

He went on sucking both the nipples alternatively. Some he gulped and some he poured into the glass. The glass was full. But she wont leave him and asked him to suck more. She thrust her breast into his mouth and with one hand behind his head was pressing her nipple into his mouth. Babu had both of his hands around her. His tight hug made her to water her pussy.



She bent low and felt his cock. It was fully erect. She unzipped and lowered his Bermuda pant. His 7 inch cock was standing out like a iron rod. She kneeled on the ground and took it in her mouth and sucked. Babu was flabbergasted. He just yielded. She took him to her bed room and lifted her petticoat, undid her wet panty and asked him to fuck her. Babu did not know what to do.

She guided him inside her and he was made to lie down and she rode him and fucked him. She got her orgasm and he also go his orgasm. He shot his cum inside her. They got up and she asked him to come again in the noon time if he wants more milk. Babu nodded and took the milk in a small bottle and took it home. Some how a lot of milk was spilt on the way.

Geetha told Babu to bring some more milk because it is too little quantity and it wont be sufficient. Babu went enthusiastically to the house of Santhi by noon and asked for more milk. Santhi was more than happy. She took him to the bedroom and asked him to lie down and took his limp cock in her mouth and started to suck.

She planned a detailed sex play before she gave some milk. Babu was a virgin and how lucky she was to get a virgin boy to has his first fuck. Her husband had gone for work and when he comes back after work he would be drunk and may not fuck her at all. Here this boy has come back again mainly to fuck than for milk.

She will make him come once again in the evening before her husband comes. She will have three fucks after a long time. She got on him and directed his cock into her cunt and she started to fuck moaning. Babu was also moaning closing his eyes. The place was all dirty and if it were not for fucking he would not have even sat there. But this fucking is a great experience.

His cock went inside like a needle piercing a banana. She was rotating her hip and jumping up and down and do all sorts of movements. Finally he shot his cum inside her. She got up wiped his cock clean with her clothes. She just kissed it and sucked it once, but it was getting stiff again. This time she lied on the bed and asked him to fuck her. He did it, did it well.

He had become an expert. It took more time for him to reach climax. In the meantime she reached her orgasm twice. Finally she went to the bathroom cleaned herself and then came back, wiped his cock and asked him to suck her breasts and take the milk. She knew he will again get stiff and ask to fuck her.

Babu sucked her nipple and took milk and poured it in the bottle and his cock was stiff. He took milk from the second nipple and poured it in the bottle and put the stopper so that the milk may not get spilled. His cock was fully erect. He was shy to ask to fuck Santhi again. Santhi knew and she was laughing, because she also wanted another fuck.

They went to the bed and fucked again. Because Babu was young and Santhi was also young three or four fucks do not matter. Santhi was very very happy. She never thought she would get so much of sex in one day. babu also was happy that a new era of sex had opened for him. He rushed home because he may have to explain the delay. But luckily nobody asked.

Geetha was happy that so much milk could be procured. She said enough for the day. If necessary you can try tomorrow. Babu said it you want I will go in the evening. Geetha said let us see and went to pour it in the eyes of the infant. Just two drops in each eye. By evening the child was ok. Still milk was left in the bottle. But babu wanted to go and get more milk.

Grand ma and Geetha said no not necessary. We have enough of milk. But babu could not get patience to sit. Santhis hairless cunt was haunting him. He took the bike and went to Santhi’s house. When Babu reached there Santhi’s mother and husband were there. Santhi seeing him expressed fear and anxiety in her face. Babu just thanked for the help Santhi gave by giving her milk.

They were very pleased. Her husband and mother asked him to come on the next day if more milk is needed. Babu was asked to stay back for taking tea, but he politely refused and promised to come on the next day and left. Babu went thrice on the next day and again thrice on the following day. and then he had to stop because Geetha started enquiring why and where he went.


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